Plumbers and Gasfitters Insurance

Safety is essential when you’re working with water or flammable gas. But no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. If leaking gas or a loose pipe causes an accident or damages property, you could end up in some serious hot water — unless you protect yourself.

Common risks for Plumbers and Gasfitters

  • Property damage from incorrectly secured pipes.
  • Fire hazards from gas leaks.
  • Floor and ceiling damage from water leaks.
  • Theft of blow torches and other tools.
Risks like these could cost you thousands, so make sure you’re protected.

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Essential insurance for Plumbers and Gasfitters

  • Don’t be left to foot the bill if you damage property.
  • Don’t let your savings be eaten up if your work injures someone.
  • Don’t end up jobless if your tools are stolen.

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