Painters Insurance

Even when you’re an expert, working with paint can be messy — and paint spills are a real disaster. An accident on the job could cost you a packet if you damage client property. And it’s not only spills you have to watch out for. Working at a height or with toxic chemicals brings its own risks, especially in public places. So it’s good to know you can protect yourself, your business and your tools without spending a fortune.

Common risks for Painters

  • Property damage from paint spray or spills.
  • Exposing clients to toxic chemicals.
  • Injuring clients below when you’re working at height.
  • Theft of scissor lifts or other equipment.
If something does go wrong, you could be sued for thousands — so it only makes sense to protect yourself.

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Complete cover for Painters

  • Don’t be left with the bill if you or your employees cause property damage.
  • Don’t let your business go under if your work injures someone.
  • Don’t be left out of pocket if your tools are stolen.

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