Lawnmowing Contractors


Mowing can be very rewarding — and also very dangerous. Something as simple as a flying rock hitting a passer-by could leave you seriously out of pocket. So no matter how careful you are, it’s important to make sure you’re covered. And mowers aren’t cheap, so it makes sense to protect your tools as well.

Common risks for Lawnmowing Contractors

  • Damage to property, underground services, trees and plants.
  • Injuries to others from flying objects.
  • Exposing clients to herbicides or other toxic chemicals.
  • Having your tools or equipment stolen.
Even a simple accident could cost you thousands without the right cover.

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Clear-cut insurance for Lawnmowing Contractors

  • Don’t get stuck with the repair bill if you cause property damage.
  • Don’t let your business suffer financially if you cause an injury.
  • Don’t be left out of pocket if your tools are stolen.

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