Flooring Contractors Insurance

Laying floors can be hugely rewarding, but it also comes with big responsibilities. Working in new homes or commercial buildings means being careful not to damage new fittings — or worse, cause an injury. But no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. So it’s good to know you can be covered in minutes by high quality Flooring Contractors Insurance.

Common risks for Flooring Contractors

  • Exposing clients to trip and fall hazards.
  • Damage to property while carrying materials and equipment.
  • Property damage from drilling or hammering.
  • Tool theft — onsite or in the showroom.
Without the right cover, even a simple accident could cost you thousands.

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Flooring Contractors – we’ve got you covered

  • Don’t be left to foot the bill if you or your employees cause damage to property.
  • Don’t let your business suffer if your work causes an injury.
  • Don’t be left out of pocket if your tools get stolen.

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